Friday, August 02, 2013

We made award-buttons!!

For someone who is never once enrolled officially in any KSSR-courses, such attempt on creative arts is something to proud of. I am lucky for the children are excited ( and overjoyed) throughout the process. It feels good to see their happy faces while their little hands are kept busy with their button-making.

The end-product???
Quite well done, ain't it people?

Friday, January 04, 2013

Student i am

The current semester of postgraduate study was the toughest. I never imagine there was such a challenge to fulfil the requirements for certain branches of ESL- Seminar was always confusing, Statistics wearied me out for I was clumsy with Math’s and Methodology apparently provoke my initial understanding of the concept of CLT…for I am understood that CLT is heavily on speaking skill as compared to others.

                                                    At the moment, I am swimming in the sea of drowsiness- fidgeting to finish off the portfolio for Statistics as well as getting ready for the coming exam. Have 2-papers awaiting this January-12th and 16th, fingers-cross and hope for the best shot…aminnnnnn. To those in the same boat, it’s not too late to start the gear now. Happy studying!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Life without hardship?

One of my good buddy pointed out in her FB's status ,'' What is life without hardship?''.

The phrase caught my abrupt attention;as it was so true as i steered my way in the teaching profession which the workload was getting more stressful than ever. It was almost impossible to avoid the habit bringing home files, papers and books to go through at long nights,while at the same time entertaining my baby with her endless chuckles and chatters.

And that counts only 15% of the hardship that i am facing now; as i am also at wits end with  'petty conflicts' that sometimes bogs me down because i sincerely believe that the 'matter' has been smoothly tackled, as smooth as a sail!

There are times i shared my private thoughts with my dear hubby, of what it is like to feel if we have the chance to become a child again?Having teachers nagging with saying like..Hey, all work and no play makes Jack a dull man!

Indeed, childhood is the best life season against all time...:D

Sunday, February 12, 2012

KSSR,bring it on!

  • Last year, the MOE had made an official decision that the year One children of primary grade would undergo a new education system which named as KSSR (Kurikulum Standard Sekolah Rendah)
  • Due to my 3-months-leave of 1st born, i missed the opportunity of the initial briefing and training on the course.
  • There were a number of loopholes of this new system;in my humble opinion that inhibited an effective learning experienced by both teachers and the children.
  • A relaxed attitude of the upper hands on issues of teaching materials, coursebooks, teaching aids,teachers' readiness, parents' concern had a huge impact on the performance shown by the Year One children, that apparently seemed confused with the new system.
  • Yet, it is not too late to diagnose, to decipher its weak points and to come with achievable solutions that would be handy for the teachers in the whole nation to make good progress of the KSSR.
  • As for myself, i am about to step in and experience a collaborative-teaching as part of my share to run the KSSR system, which i had none.
  • About to surf the net for interesting stuff to bring in the classroom...yes, bring it on!

Thursday, April 01, 2010


A talk.

I loved talking and chit-chatting with friends, mak cik and pak cik that i come across at the kampung.

But to deliver an academic-style talk, with regards to LEADERSHIP...hoho..definitely not my cup of tea.

Should i talk about leaders in general...or just instinctively pick up any topic that interests me about leadership??

Or i just stick to the plain, academic lecture approach...tackling an issue in a one-way traffic that the backbenches will succeed in dozing off in style..

Im stuck...and you??

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Home sweet home.......

~Home sweet home~

There is nothing to compare with the luxurious, little time spent at home.
Working elsewhere, in not-so-healthy environment makes me feel like..urghh.
My little heart seems to murmur itself..

'Oh goodness, when exactly the bell will ring so i can make my escape ASAP to the campus and refresh back my little mind??''

Honestly, i feel very bitter. I hate being in the school because of 'that'. I hate to attend all the meetings because of 'that'. I despise to look straight at 'that' the school because of 'that. I HATE 'THAT'.

is indeed a scary virus that seeps through your head and eventually could make u feel very sick at heart...oohh..when exactly the time to forgive and forget would register into my little head??I find it is very easy to forgive the little tots when they turned into little 'devils' in the class..but in real-life, when your life is at stake..your heart is worried sick because of having had done all the had done the had put your trust into that 'so-called-wise and trustable' ended up with 'no-roof-over-your-head' on your way back to the place at 8PM from the campus..wearied and exhausted..via a selfish-sound-SMS!!

Guess what happen...after you read that SMS..wearied and tired..then being told you are NOT WELCOME because the house is kinda full and is not comfortable for an extra young girl to share a roof-over-the-head...via SMS...

I wiped off a swept of tears...feeling very bitter...towards the SMS..and then worried sick where to spent the night..

HOME is the best place. In my little head, i plan to travel back and fro (3 hours drive altogether), 3 days to the campus until 7pm..reach home around morning 5.30 am drive straight to school because of having no-roof-over-my-head...but thankfully, somebody is soooooooooo kind offered a place, a room for me to stay together with the parents.

I was SAVED and felt soooooooooooooo grateful with the offer.
They are strangers to me, whom i never know until late december last year.
Yet, they're the ones who have the BIGGEST heart which i could never repay...except for endless string of thanks...

Thank you so much for letting me to stay in a 'HOME'.
And thank you ALLAH,for letting me experience the road-less-travelled...for YOU know what is the BEST in-store for me. I believe these trials are hidden with wholesome significance underneath..which i never know. But YOU did. And YOU have save me. With a HOME over my head.


Thursday, December 24, 2009

I can only smile....

I can only smile.

Looking back at the series of events taking place this late December had made me realized that over time, people could changed drastically. Including me.

I was brought up to live up to principle; a life principle that should in line with Islamic teaching.Years spent in Jasin Jr. Sc. College was my kick-start of the 'enlightment' process, which i felt truly grateful although tears were often wept in silence!At that time, i suffered a lot of confusions, while trying my best to cope with the regimented academic schedule (up until now, i still can't agree with the rationale!) as i wished to make my parents proud and happy. That was the only way to repay their absolute affection and care on me.

Later, during tertiary years..i was away..thousand and thousand miles away from a FOREIGN land. I learnt the lesson of life; as well as a sidelong journey with few GOOD comrades to launch few exciting journeys to several Europe countries. Seeking new experience with 'aliens' from foreign lands was almost unbelievable to me, who once always feel inferior about meeting new people...
And now, i am about to SETTLE DOWN with a gentleman, virtuos and gentle....this coming March.haha..

Life is indeed strange..akin to a box of Chocolates...